Shauna Sayers

Shauna Sayers

MS Student (she/her)

Southern Illinois University

Forestry Program

Shauna is a master’s student studying federally endangered Key Largo woodrat (KLWR) and Key Largo cotton mouse (KLCM) populations endemic to Key Largo, Fl. She will be analyzing annual population sizes, distributions, and trends of KLWR and KLCM to assess the impacts of invasive species. Along with morphometric data, she will be collecting remote camera data from KLWR nesting sites and using the AI program MegaDetector to sort through the timelapse photos; this will aid in improving reaction time and documentation of invasive Burmese pythons. While not in the field, Shauna enjoys hiking, thrifting, baking, and spending time with friends and family

  • Population Ecology
  • Invasive species
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • BSc in Biology, 2021

    Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA