Key Largo Mesopredators

The Key Largo mesopredator project is a collaboration between Southern Illinois University, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and led by MS Student Kelly Crandall.

Missouri Swamp Rabbit Distribution

The Missouri Swamp Rabbit Project is a collaboration between Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and is led by M.S. student Kylie Bosch. Not to be confused with the marsh rabbit (S.

Nightjar Distribution in Southern Illinois

The Eastern Whip-poor-will and the Chuck-will’s-widow are two well-camouflaged bird species in the Nightjar family most often recognized by their charismatic calls. In the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan, both species were identified as species of high interest for their long-term decline largely due to reductions in their prey populations (mostly moths and beetles) and habitat loss.

North-Central Illinois Bobcat Population Ecology

The North-Central Illinois Bobcat project is a collaboration between Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and is lead by a team of PhD students, Ellen Audia and Katie Buckman, across three research groups at SIU.

Southern Illinois Bird Monitoring Program

The southern Illinois bird monitoring project seeks to document the presence/absence of bird species throughout southern Illinois using Autonomous Recording Units (ARUs). During May - July 2022, we deployed sound recording devices at over 150 different locations spanning the 11 southernmost Illinois counties, resulting in over 2 Terabytes (about half a million minutes) of recordings.

Using iNaturalist to assess spatial variation in coat colors

Kelsee Dodd, undergraduate researcher in the Pease Lab, is leading an exciting project on whether open-access biodiversity databases such as iNaturalist can provide more than just species occurrence records to the wildlife research community.