Sounds of Nature

Discover Biodiversity Through Sound

Join us and other volunteers as we deploy sound recorders across our region to study changes in biodiversity over time.

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Sounds of Nature

2023 Deployment Map

Below are the zip codes in which we have sampled during the 2023 season.

Sounds of Nature is a community research project to understand changes in biodiversity over time by studying *soundscapes*. Through Sounds of Nature, a team of researchers and citizen scientists are participating in and contributing to a state-wide project to monitor biodiversity in their backyard and beyond.

Current Volunteers

Thank you for participating in Sounds of Nature! Did you receive an AudioMoth in the mail? Please see below for a video on how to deploy it on your property!

Sounds of Nature Sampling kit instructions from Saluki World on Vimeo.

Sounds of Nature - Volunteer Field Guide

Sounds of Nature - Deployment Checklist

Sounds of Nature - Field Datasheet

Additional resources are available if you need assistance with any aspect of volunteering - please contact us.